Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lady Bug Slippers

I came across the cutest slippers on Bunny Slippers  website. I got to review a pair of ladybug slippers. Although they have a variety of different slippers. They Bunny Slippers, Animal Slippers, Animal Feet Slippers, Fuzzy Friends Slippers, Bear Slippers, Bird Slippers, Cat Slippers, Dog Slippers, Fish Slippers, Monkey Slippers, Tiger Slippers, Novelty Slippers, Character Slippers, Looney Tunes Slippers, Monster Slippers, Star Wars Slippers, Children's Slippers, baby booties and toddler slippers. They also care microwaveable items, sock slippers, socks, hooded towels, stuffed animals, and for the home. They have a great variety of different slippers available. This would be a fun Christmas morning if everyone got a special pair.  

I got to review these cute ladybug slippers. I saw a picture before they came and I thought they where cute but the pictures do not do them justice. When they arrived they where packed very nicely. I was very excited when they came and put them on right away. O they are so soft and very cozy and they keep your feet warm. I love how the faces are of the slipper they are very cute. But what i love most about the slippers is the fur that you can see is that the fur are fuzzy material. The fuzzy material is very warm and this is even on the foot of the slipper. So your foot is surrounded and very warm. I can to seem to take them off them of because they are so comfy and I really like them. I would recommend this for a Christmas present. I know there are some cute children slippers that are cute character ones. This would make a great present for your kids and I know they will love them.

If you would like to see more slippers please visit Bunny Slippers


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