Saturday, November 3, 2012

Knot Genie

I heard a lot about Knot Genie and I knew I had to try it. Knot Genie is in not your typical brush. Knot Genie consists of all different lengths of teeth on the brush. By having different lengths of bristles on the brush it helps to untangle your hair gently and not roughly like other brushes do. This helps to create less stress to your hair. Knot Genie will help you have the smoothest, shiniest hair that you ever seen. I was able to try the Knot Genie and let me tell you when my kids saw the brush my son hid and my daughter kept telling me no no no no. So I thought it would be a struggle. Both of my kids have fine thick hair that tangles very easily. I finally convinced my four year old that it would not hurt him and it is a new brush that would not hurt at all. This is also not like a normal brush it does not have a handle but you can grip it and the bristles are underneath. You can see what I mean with the photos up above. All though I was not sure if it would or not. He sat down and I started brush his hard it went through very smooth and we did not come across any tangles. He looked at me and said this was his new favorite brush and I can use it anytime. Now the real test was my daughter. She is very squirmy and she gets a lot of tangles due to having longer hair. On a normal brush she tends to cry and tries to get away from me. She sat on my lap and Knot genie went through her hair with ease. A few snarls but it took care of it and did not cause any pulling or saying ow. I recommend Knot Genie for kid and Adults. If you have a child who tends to have have a lot of knots I would recommend getting a Knot Genie. I enjoy having this brush for my children because now I can cross one battle off my list. You can find the Knot Genie at their website- You can visit there facebook at- I forgot to tell you!! Enter below to have the chance to win one of your very own!! a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I do get a lot of snarls!! If I don't brush my hair twice a day, it becomes a rats next of knots!


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