Thursday, November 22, 2012


I have a four year old who loves to cook. He always says he the main cook and I am the assistant. When I came across Kizmos they have very cute cooking utensils and thought they where very kid friendly. Since my son and I tend to cook a lot together I thought that Kizmos products would make cooking a lot more fun. 

I received a package from Kizmos ant there was a flaw and their company fixed the problems and was very nice and curtious. I love company's that will fix the problem and not make you feel bad about it. They fixed it and made my day better. When the package came I received a green smiley colander, ice cream scoop, bag clips, bottle opener, measuring cups and sponge holder. They are very colorful and very nice products. 

The first thing I reviewed the ice cream scoop. Let me tell you this comes in handy. My kids loves ice cream. This scoop was just the right size not small and not to big. I also love how there was a smiley face in the scoop although there where no wholes in the scoop. This was very sturdy when I scooped the ice cream out. This was also easy to use and my son enjoyed using the ice cream scoop and doing it him self. Just the right size for him. 

The next product that I reviewed was the green colander. Although this is a great product for some reason my children think it is a hat. I am trying to break them of this habbit. We used this to drain the big spaghetti noodles. It worked great and drained the water out. The one thing that I would change about this product is make the handles just a little bigger. They seem to be a little small to me and hard to hand on to. I love how the wholes in the colander are smiley faces. My son just loves that.

My son loves this next product and that is the bottle opener that we got to review. This is a kind of a bigger bottle opener but I like it. I love the colors of the bottle opener it is blue and the face is orange. I honestly do not use bottle openers. Although my son things this is the most amazing tool and it helps him open up his bottles that he drinks from. This product gets me in trouble. Although it does also help me out which is nice. 

I like the measuring cups because they all have different colors due to the sizes. My son really enjoys using these while we bake and cook. He thinks they are the most amazing and fun items. I brought out the other measuring cups and he tells me Mommy no I want to use mine and runs and gets them out. These are fun to use while baking with your kids. Very colorful and you can not forget the smileys. Also I like that they have a purple ring that keeps all the measuring cups on the ring. I also love how they are easy to clean. 

I really enjoy the bag clips. We have smaller one and they seem like they do not keep the chips or what we close fresh. With kizmos they are bigger so it seems like they close the chips up better. I received one pack of them and they come three in a pack and all different colors. They open up very easy and you do not have to fight with them. Also I like how the back of the clips have a magnet on the back so they can hang up on the refrigerator while your not using them.

The last product that i got to review was the sponge holder. This product is nice because we needed a sponge holder to put our sponge in. Although I could not get it stuck up on anything to keep it up and the sponge in. I just leaned it up on the counter instead. Which made really no difference to me. I really like this and it helped also hide the sponge from my two year old.

I really enjoyed these products and they where fun and colorful. If you want to find their products you can visit


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