Friday, November 23, 2012

Kidbasix Safesippy 2

 The one problem that I have with sippy cups that say they do not leak. Guess what the majority of them end up leaking anyways. I did not invest in anymore sippy cups because my daughter is starting to get to old for sippys. She tends want to have a regular cup or a cup with a straw in it. I came across a site called Kidbasix who has a variety of different options of cups available. From baby bottle cups to sippys.The safesippy 2 is the worlds first 2 in 1 convertible sippy to straw bottle. This was pretty amazing to me and I know my daughter would love it. Mothers if you are wondering this has all of the BPA free features.

I got to review one of their sippy cups. I was able to review the safesippy 2 cup. I was skeptical of this cup at first because I was afraid that it would leak everywhere. When I received this cup it was packaged very well and secured. When I took the pink sippy out of the box my daughter came over and checked it out and started to say mine mine mine. I was the sippy before I gave it to my daughter and then put it together and filled it with milk. So here is the real test. First thing my daughter does when she gets her new cup turns it upside down and shakes it. What amazed me nothing came out which was great. No more mess for me. What I also like it stainless steal and it seems that it keeps the drink a lot cooler which is also nice. This is her new favorite cup and she will not go back to the other ones. Your kids will also love these!! I also would put my own pick up but right now my daughter holding it hostage. That should tell you how much she loves this product.

I am a firm believer in these sippys. Kidbasix made a believer out of me on their cups.

You can find their cups at

Also they where nice and let our readers have a coupon code: "emmysdeals" for your readers to receive 20% off their entire order through December 31st

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