Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kentwool Golf Socks

Kentwool Golf Socks Review-

If you are a golfer or not these sock are amazing!! I have never heard of Kentwool Golf Socks before but now I am glad that I do. These are no ordinary socks. They are made from fine merino wool. Let me tell you they feel amazing. They are very soft and very warm. 


Kentwool uses a windspun air-infused technology to creat an ultra comfortable sock. This also has extra cushioning to reduce stress and fatigue. This sock also helps prevent injury while you are golfing. 

I got to try two pairs of socks from Kentwool. The first pair that I got to try is the women's low profile skinny socks. The women's low profile skinny sock has natural moisture-sicking and odor-resistant properties. That quailty is very nice. Great for any sport actually and great quialty of sock. This style of sock I will have to get used to because it is low style and I am not used to that kind. They feel great on nice and warm. The fit nicely.

Then I got to try another pair and this is their newer product and it is 19 hole. These socks are very nice and I like that just as much and I am more used to these kind of socks that you pull up. These socks are more causal for golfers that they can use them to golf or for causal experience at the club.

Readers if you have a loved one or even yourself plays golf what a great gift for Christmas!! I usually do not use socks a whole lot due to my skin breaking out and these Kentwool sock let me tell you they are amazing warm and soft but great for playing golf. This could be used by golfer or even staying home mommies. You definitely need to check these out!!

You can visit there website here and purchase your Kentwool sock here

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