Saturday, November 17, 2012

Kaz (Honeywell heater)

I have lived in Michigan majority of my life and it can get very cold here in Michigan. Also If you live in my house my room is the coldest room there is. Lucky me. I have a small space heater in my room already and let me tell you it does not work at all. I still wake up in the middle of the night looking for more covers and very cold. I know I needed to fix this problem. 

I came across Kaz which is Kaz world of comfort. They have several different lines of products such as heaters, air purifiers, blood pressure monitors, fans, filters and accessories, heating pads, humidifiers, insect control, thermometers, water filtration and more. Which I liked the variety of product they had to offer.

I was browsing the Honeywell heaters and I found one that was very interesting to me. I was very lucky that Kaz  let me review the Honeywell HZ-435 surround heat. This heater uses ceramic technology this provides to keeps a room nice and toasty. This heater also help provides energy savings. What is not to love about that? One of my biggest issues is I have a two year old who goes in my room and my biggest issues is safety. With a 2 and a 4 year old I have to be extra careful. This has great safety features and will keep your room at a great temperature. Some of the safety features are it has 360 degree safety tip. If the heater is tipped in anyway it will shut off. So if one of my children knock it over which I would never let them near it just saying. It would shut off right away which is great. It also has an overheat protection device. What I love about this heater that it has and extra sturdy and wide base which is a major plus in my book. 

What i love about this heater that it is Energy Smart. This helps regulate the power consumption which is great. By this help regulating it helps me save up to 35 percent on my energy bills. Whoo hoo. You have to love that when it saves you money. This also has a digital LED light which I love and it tells me what temperature it is at in my room and also shows me what the desired temperature is. This product also has a 3 year product waranty.

I wanted to try this product for a few days before I wrote my opinion about the product. Well I am very impressed. This product was amazing. I went to bed and I slept like a baby. I did not wake up once because I was to cold. Which was nice. when I walk in my room now it is very warm and not like an Ice box. Which is great. My daughter also sleeps in my room at times and I was always afraid that it would be to cold for her and now I do not have to worry. This product works smoothly and is very presise on temperatureI even pushed it over and it stopped working which was great. If you are looking for a heater or other products please visitKaz

Here is there website 

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