Friday, November 16, 2012

Kara Vita

I dread the winter months due to my skin drying out. My skin tends to dry out more than others and when this happens my eczema flairs up. I tend to scratch like the devil. I always try to find new products that will help hydrate my skin and keep it from being dry during the winter months. I was very excited that I was able to try Kara Vita  products. They sent me three products to review and they are Kara Vita Indulgence, Kara Vita Every day Skin Penetrating lotion, and I got to try samples of Kara Vita Hydrating Regimen.
The first Item that I reviewed was the Kara Vita Everyday Skin Penetrating Lotion. This lotion hydrates your skin and let me tell you it works. This lotion has a petrolatum base and provides an added sealing barrier for extra moisture retention. It provides fast and long lasting treatment to dry skin. I really needed this lotion. I can not tell you how dry my skin can get and then I break out due to the dryness I tried this lotion for the past two days. I only really have to put this lotion on once a day. Which is a great feeling because I do not like where i have to constantly putting on lotion to try to keep my skin hydrated. When I put the lotion on I did not have to put on a whole lot which is nice. It rubbed in my skin very fast and did not leave a greasy feeling. I can not stand that so it passed that test. Then throughout the day my skin felt super silky and smooth and my skin felt great.
The next item I reviewed where the samples I received. One thing I loved about Kara Vita is I know we love to receive samples and majority of the company's that send samples throw them in a box. Kara vita put the samples in a great little bag that gave it just the extra touch and it was very classy. 

First sample was the PBH Exfoliating masque. You clean your face and then you put the mask on thin layer to 10 and 20 minutes. You remove this with warm water. Heat helps the mask. I really enjoyed the masque it felt really good.

Then hydrate and clenanse sample you put on your face and rub in a circular motion on your face. After a minute you wash it off. 

Then hydrating complexion mist. I applied with a cotton swab and put on my whole face. I used this to refresh my skin for the whole day. This is a great eye make up remover.

Hydrating antioxidant treatment. I apply this one am and pm daily. I applied this product under any moisture.

 Than face essential with spf 15 and apply daily as an a.m. moisturizer prior puttin on any makeup to help prevent uv damage. 

Then the final product I got review was Kara Vita Indulgence. How to use this product you apply to face and neck as needed. You can apply in the morning and evening as needed. When I put this cream on it was very creamy and light product. I really love the smell of cream and it smelled very fresh smelling. I had someone stop over while I was trying this items and they loved the smell to it. They asked me what i had on. It went on very smooth and my skin felt so different and smooth and not rough. I loved it and the smell lingers. My skin feels very smooth and silky. i have not had this feeling for a long time.

I love the products that Kara Vita has sent me. I would highly recommend this product. Ladies spoil your self this Christmas!! Go and check out Kara Vita and their products and pick them up for the holiday season for your self and for gifts. Also if you love customer service they where very friendly and helped me pick out the right product to help me. I really liked that.

To find more information on their site and their products go here

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