Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hammacher Schlemmer

Hammacher Schlemer is a store that I accidentally came across but am very lucky that I did. When I entered the site online it was very class and easy to navigate through. When I entered their site I noticed a saying underneath there name it said "Offering the Best, The Only, and The Unexpected since 1848. At first when I read that I thought to my self I doubt that. This was before I looked through the site and delt with the company. Boy was I wrong They have so many different products. I could not believe how many items that I never seen before. There where more items that I was not familiar with than I was familiar with. Which shocked me. They have a great variety of products and have something for everyone. Young children, children, teens, young adults, adults and elders. What a site that can incorparate almost every age group and gender. This is my kind of site.

Before i start sharing what I got to review from this wonderful company. I wanted to share a quote that was on there site that I thought was very important.

“To enhance our customers’ lives by bringing them unique products that either solve problems or further their lifestyle, and eliminate their need to comparison shop by providing them with, not only the best products in the marketplace, but the information supporting the reasons why these products are truly the best.”

When I am reading some of there saying on there site I am thinking this site is to good to be true. But it is not!! I got to review  The Wipe Off Fluorescent Art Easel which I say is just amazing. It is more amazing than I thought it would be. This is an art easel that has an illuminated plastic drawing board. They compare this board like the ones that restaurants use to display their daily menus. How the illumination works is there is a blacklight built in. When you draw the the fluorescent side it is washable and wipes right off. The other side has many purposes. It can be used as a chalk board, magnetic set, or you can draw on it or paint because it came with a roll of paper.

When I first saw this Art Easel I was amazed when I saw it online at first. I knew that I had to get this for my children for Christmas. Which this makes a fantastic gift for your child for Christmas. I remember them seeing something kind of similar in the store and they wanted one so bad. But I never seen on t hat had so many features like this. I tested the product today when my kids where napping and let me tell you how amazing and good quality this product is. I absolutely love the illuminated side that is my favorite about the whole product. The other features are amazing also. I know my children will like each one. I think my son will love the illumination and my daughter will love the magnets. This will make a great present for your child for Christmas and how can you go wrong. This product has many features and it will keep your child busy and entertained for a long time.

Plus while you are shopping for your child you need to look at their other wonderful products they have. They have something for just about anyone. So I would take a few minutes and browse and see all their other wonderful products. You will not be disapointed. Also I would do business with them also because they have wonderful and friendly customer service. That is the most important to me is how they treat there guest.  I will give them and A+ all around and I know where I am shopping for gifts for my father now.

If you would like to look at their amazing site there website is

There Facebook page is

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