Friday, November 9, 2012

Gratitude Gift Bag

It getting close to Christmas time and one thing I wonder and try to figure out is how to make my packages look nice. I am not the best wrapper their is and I get frustrated with it after awhile. I am always looking for great alternatives that look just as good or even better. 

I came across Gratitude Gift Bag and this is a very nice site. Here is a little about them they are an innovative, stylish and easy to use line of product designed for reusable gift wrapping!! It also eco-friendly fabric gift bags that can be reused. Gratitude Gift Bags are priced close to the price of wrapping paper or gift bags. Wrapping paper and some gift bags you throw away after use. These you can reuse reuse and reuse. There are many great gift bags available. There are many variety's of gift bags from children themed bags to Christmas bags. They also have many other occasion bags such as birthdays, anniversaries, wedding, showers, host/hostess gifts and just because gifts!! Gratitude Gift Bags come in six sizes. These sizes are gift card holders, extra small, small wine/tall, medium, and large. The major plus these bags are made in the U.S.A.

Another idea that you can also use these for is for Children's toys. I know sometimes I hate using plastic containers to store some of their toys. This would be a great cute replacement for them! It would look nicer in my children's room for there little toys to store and a easier way to transport them also. You do not just have to use these for wrapping presents you can find more unique uses for the great bags also.

When I received this amazing print Christmas Bag I fell in love. Like I stated earlier I hate to wrap because it seems like I have to wrap for hours and hours. These Gratitude Gift Bags are a great alternative if your are a very busy person or do not have that much time to wrap this season. I am going to look into investing more for the holidays. This will cut out the tape expenses, wrapping paper expenses and bow expenses. The great part is you can reuse them for next year!!! So in reality the Gratitude Gift Bag will actually save you money in the long run. They are super super cute for the Holidays and for any occasion actually. I know a question you guys are wondering and even I wondered at first. How sturdy and durable are these bags. I tried them out and let me tell you they are very sturdy and do not tear or rip when you put items inside. This product is amazing. If you are looking to cut back time and money this year. I would highly recommend going to the site below and checking it out. They are even offering a special discount also!!

Here is a video to show your more about this product

And to find these great bag to buy go to Gratitude Gift Bags 
Gratitude Gift Bag would like to offer our wonderful readers a 15% discount. Please use the discount at check-out BLOG15


  1. Gratitude Gift Bags provide an eco friendly approach to gift wrapping. It's a simple idea, reduce waste by eliminating the need for one-use wrapping paper.
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