Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Go Go Sport Girls

Go Go Sport Girls site has really touched me a lot. Since I have a daughter and she likes dance I felt close to this site. Dream Big Toy Company created the Go Go Sport Girls. These dolls represent fun and educational and self appreciation for their selves. They also send a message about having daily exercise, eating healthy, sleeping and their self esteems. These dolls are targeted for girls between the ages 3-12.

There are 11 dolls that you can chose from, They are Brooke who is golf, Cassie is soccer, Ella is running, Grace is tennis, Maya is gymnastics, MC is dance, Sam is softball, Suzi is Swimming,  Taye is basketball, Anna Soccer, Kate is basketball. The one doll that I chose to review for my daughter was MC the dance doll. My daughter is young but she loves to dance everyday. When we received the doll she gravitated towards it right away. I think she knew that it was a special doll. I put some music on and she started to dance and danced with the doll. I think these dolls are very special to girl because they have a strong message behind them. I believe that any girl that is in sports or who like the sport would appreciate this doll. I know the joy when I looked in my daughter eyes and she said my doll dance. That met a lot to me. I think if you have a daughter or grand daughter who like a special sport I would recommend these dolls. I know majority of girls that loves dolls and this would be the perfect kind of doll. This would be a great Christmas gift for your your daughter, niece or grand daughter. This would also be a great gift after a game or swim meet. I would totally recommend this and it brings a great message to our children that you do not see now a days. Also i would really recommend you checking out there you-tube video this really inspired me and my daughter absolutely loved it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oPIPFcgM9g

If you want to find one of these dolls you can go to the website

or facebook http://www.facebook.com/#!/gogosportsgirldolls

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