Monday, November 19, 2012


When my daughter has lunch I like to have bite sized pieces for her due to her sometimes trying to eat to much time at once. Or she loves to have cheese and she tries to stuff to much in her mouth at a time. Sometimes I try to cut in bite size pieces and that does not always work to well. I came across a fun site called Fun Bites.  Fun Bites is a cutter that can cut numerous types of foods such as sandwich, pancakes, cheese, melon and so much more. 

Well I was lucky that I got to be able to try Fun Bites. They come in two different shapes one a normal square cutter and the other is a heart shaped cutter. I chose to review the normal square cutter. I made a sandwich for my four year old and wanted to try it out so bad. So I followed the directions on how to use the fun bite cutter. I first put the sandwich on the counter. Than I placed the funbites cutter on top of the sandwich. I removed the top popper and I put it to the side for the moment. Then I rocked the cutter back and forth a few times to cut all the way through the sandwich to cut the sandwich in bite size pieces. This is a very sturdy product and do not be afraid to press hard you will not break it!. After doing that step you put the top part back in and push the bite size pieces out. I also love this product because you can wash this by hand or dishwasher safe!! This was very easy to me and very quick and it did not take much time to use. All you do is press down rock it and push it out and you are good to go. I found this handy for even snack time or if were running late and need lunch in the car great way to have fun size bites in the car and no mess. This is a great item to have on hand anytime of the year. I know this is recommend for children but I also would recommend it for elders also. This would be great for elders. I remember when I worked as a CNA we had to cut items up in small bite size pieces and this would be a great investment.

If you would like to know more about FUNBITES or to order please check them out at

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