Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fiesta Plush Animals

Fiesta Plush Toys have been around since 1972 and known for their quality, value and service. Fiesta Toy plush offers a range of different stuffed animals. They offer teddy bears, jungle animals, plush zoo animals, sea life, wild life, cats, dogs, horses, barnyard animals, birds, reptiles, polar bears, penguins, animal backpacks, purses, stick ponies and ride-on. They also have special occasion stuffed animals like Halloween, valentines, Easter and Christmas available.

Today I received a package from Fiesta Plush Toys today. I was very excited to open the box today and to see what was inside. I pulled out two absolutely two amazing Santa Secret Elf’s. Which these picture does not do them justice at all. These are 12 inch plush toys. When I took these Elves out of the box they were super super soft and cute. I will agree with their statement about quality of their plush stuffed animals. I like how both elf's outfits how one has full green and the other has full red. I also like how the girl has full green and she has red boots, mittens and red buttons on her outfit. Then the boy elf has green mittens and green shoes. I thought that was very creative and well put together. I would recommend these plush toys for Christmas. If you are not interested in the Elf's they have a great variety of quality animals to choose from. I will share with you what I plan on doing with mine. I plan on putting them in my children's stocking. These Elves make great stocking stuffer. I know my children will love them when they wake up and they see these poking out on top of their stocking. I have a girl and a boy so it works out wonderfully. Or another idea for these little elves would make great holiday decorates in your house. I know when I was a kid we would have a few Christmas themed stuffed animals propped up under our try during the holiday season. We also had a fake tree so it did not ruin the animal.

If you would like to get your own Plush Stuff Animal you can check out there website at

or their facebook page at

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