Saturday, November 3, 2012

Eye of Horus Makeup

I really enjoyed being able to try Eye of Horus Makeup. Recently I had the opportunity to try several product from them. I was able to try the natural mascara, natural smokey eye pencil, liquid define, bronze amulet goddess pencil, charcoal obsidian goddess pencil, custom compact mirror, microfibre cloth, and cosmetic sharpener. When I use makeup I have to be super careful due to having very sensitive skin. A lot of the time when I try make my skin will break out. A lot of the time I go with out using make up because it is hard to find makeup that will actually work for me. When I tried Eye of Hours Makeup I was very nervous but come to find out throughout the day I did not breakout once. I was super excited. So women out there if you have sensitive skin Eye of Horus Makeup is for you!!

 The first product that I tried is the Natural Mascara. I know one of my major problems when I try mascara it clumps. When I tried Natural Mascara it went on very smoothly and my eye lash's seemed a lot fuller then before. This is my dream Mascara so far. Through out the day I was afraid that it would smudge another problem that I find a lot. Ladies not to fear this product does not smear. I would definitely recommend this product and would buy in the future.

Liquid Define I usually skip this product and rarely use it. Although when I tried it I am not going to skip this product anymore. Liquid Define is very easy to use which is great for me.  This product is also smudge proof and throughout the day i tried to smudge and it is true it did not smudge. This would be great for women who work and do not have to constantly be thinking if your make up has smudged. I liked the felt tip pen applicator which was a major plus for me. Another plus for me is when you apply the liquid define it dries in seconds which I love. Some products do not. This one does and when you have two little ones running around while your applying your make up. I need something that will dry super fast! I also would buy this product and absolutely  love it.

I absolutely loved the bronze amulet and charcoal obsidian goddess pencils. They where very easy to apply. One issue that I have with my eyes and other products is how hard i have to apply. My eyes are very sensitive. With this these pencils I did not have to push hard or nor did they break which I was very excited. The brush on the end was very useful I did not have to press very hard for the smudge effect. I fell in love with these and I have been using them every day. My four year old son complements me now which is very sweet.

The other accessories are very nice as the sharpener, the cloth and mirror. I love the whole thing! I have to say that I am very impressed with Eye of Horus products and I would recommend this to any women that are looking for make up products. Also if you are like me and have sensitive skin this product you would like also. 

If you are interested in checking out Eye of Horus you can visit them at

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  1. wow amazingcolors and brand

  2. awesome! love the look of these products!

  3. Sounds great, I'd love to see a pic of your completed look to have a better idea of the products, but they do sound awesome! :)

  4. these products look amazing...great review!

  5. I love makeup they have great colors,thank you for the review


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