Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dreamfarm Chopula

Background on Dreamfarm-  Dreamfarm is here to solve your kitchen problems. Dreamfarm products are not like any other products that are out there right now. These products look unique but they work wonders. Dreamfarm products is exercise in problem solving perfection.

This unique tool is called Chopula. This is a Chopula chopping sit up spatula. This is very flexible and it has large head slides so that it is easy to get under food. I tried this out to see if it really worked and it was east to get under food and o my. This is my favorite tool so far that I can actually get under my eggs and pancakes and it does not make a mess. It is true that it get underneath and can flip it nicely without ruining the food. The chopula has a multi-curved head that designed to allow you to scrape every corner of any pan that you are using. The chopula will not scratch any of your non stick cookware. I tried that out and it is true. I took an older one of my pans that is non stick and tried to scrape some pancake on it and it did not scratch the pan which is a major plus. The chopula handle is very unique that you see in the pictures this is a great feature. This helps you chop food in your pan and it helps your hand away from the heat. I really like that because I hate when I try to chop up hamburger meat up in my frying pan and the heat and grease splash me this helps prevent it and it helps cut the meat up better.

This product is dishwasher safe!! There are many other unique and great gifts on Dreamfarm. I know that I am going to look more into their product because I am in love with my Chopula. Now am interested in there other great products they have. I recommend everyone to get one of these amazing products. They really do solve a lot of problems and they are very easy to use.

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Dishwasher safe. Non-stick safe nylon is heat resistant up to 250°C/480°F.

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