Monday, November 19, 2012

Dead Sea Spa Care

The holidays are right around the corner. I have found one of the best stocking stuffers out there. I came across a great site with amazing products and great variety of products. Dead Sea Spa Care is a great site with amazing products great for the holidays. Dead Sea Spa Care has several product such as facial products, nail care, skin and heal care, aromatherapy scrub, judaica gifts, gift sets, home spa pampering sets, honeywell replacements filters, hot specials and baby products. I had a fun time reviewing two for their products. 

The first product that I got to review from Dead Sea Spa Care was the Anti Aging Gel Peel. Dead Sea Anti-Aging Peeling Gel is a great product to use on your face and help cleanse your skin. When I tried this product I washed my face with warm water. I Apply the Dead Sea Anti Aging Peeling Gel thinly and rub it in gently in your skin. After rubbing the product in wash warm water off right after using the product. This cream was more like a gel cream and it rubbed in really good. After doing that you can see that it was working because the dead skin was coming fun. I washed the gel off and then my face was very smooth. I would recommend this as a great holiday gift.

Are you looking for a moisturizing hair cream, a nourishing hair cream and a revitalizing hair cream all in one? Look no further, the Dead Sea Spa Care Moisturizing Hair Cream is just what you are looking for. The Dead Sea Spa Care Moisturizing Hair Cream tames frizzy hair into soft and supple curls and waves. The Hair Cream nourishes hair from the roots to the ends, making it soft, shiny and smooth. The Dead Sea Spa Care Moisturizing Hair Cream helps prevent split ends by sealing hair ends. The Dead Sea Spa Care Moisturizing Hair Cream is made with Dead Sea Minerals, Herbal and Essential Oils. The Dead Sea Spa Care Moisturizing Hair Cream relieves damaged hair for soft, defined curls and waves. Flexible hold curls bring out the natural shine in the hair. Hair product great for everyday use.

The next product that I got to try was the Dead Sea Spa Care Moisturizing Hair Cream. When I tried this product I put the cream evenly through my damp hair. I rubbed the cream from the root to the end of my hair to keep it from frizzing up on me. I used this cream after I shampooed my hair. I did not rinse this out of my hair. I love the smell of this cream it has a great scent to it. I loved the consistency of the cream also. It went in very well in my hair. I would definitively invest in this cream it worked miracles. I am defitinally not sharing this product with anyone and I am going to let family members know what to get me for Christmas.

These products where defitinaly different from other products that I have ever used and now I fell in love with Deep Sea Spa Care products. I would recommend if you have not tried this line of products that you should invest in it and you will not be sorry at all!!

IF you want to find their website and their other products you can find them at


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