Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Crayon Rocks



About Crayon Rocks- The creator of Crayon Rock name is Barbara Lee. She taught special needs for 23 years.  She invented Crayon Rocks after being inspired by Jan Olsen. Barbara learned how important it was to develop early a good tripod grip. Handwriting is based on this.

When I saw these Crayon Rocks I thought they were very neat. I never have seen Crayon Rocks before. I wanted to start off when I received the package. I loved the small box that I received it in. It was packed with a lot of care. I loved when I opened the box there where to card that are shown in the picture. They were very cute and a great touch to the package. I also love that it was in tissue paper. It just brought a nice touch to it. I love the little bag that the Crayon Rocks are in. Plus it a very nice bag to keep them stored in also.  My daughter really took to these Rock Crayons. My daughter is two year old. She struggles with the big and small regular crayons. They do not color great for her or she tends to break them on accident when she tries to color. That was becoming an issue with us. I showed her the crayons and she picked up the crayons got her papers and started to color. She could handle these Rock Crayons a lot better. She could glide the crayon on the paper. The crayons she would not be able to break. I think these Rock Crayons would be a great starting out crayon for your children.  These crayons help you learn how to grip the crayon and control them. And it can help your child learn how to move forward. This also would be great for older children also. My son got a kick out of them and he liked drawing with them also when he got a chance to use them. I would recommend this Rock Crayons for a stocking stuffer for the holidays. We know majority of the children love crayons and this would be a great unique fun gift for your child. I would highly recommend them.

Here is the website where you can check out Crayon Rocks


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