Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cosmetique Review

It is that time of year again! We all love Christmas time and ladies I have a few products to share with you today from Cosmetique. I guarantee you that you will love these products just as much as I do. Ladies after this review maybe you will want to leave the screen up for your husband, boyfriend or someone else to see what you want for Christmas. I gurantee you will not be disappointed with Cosmetique!

If you never heard of the company Cosmetique here is a little information about them. Cosmetique has all your beauty needs covered. How cool is that one place has everything that you need. Cosmetique has many different beauty brands that you may have already tried and new one that you can discover. They also have the all the latest beauty trends for you to enjoy. They have a range of products such as skin product, eyeliners, eye shadows, mascara, foundation, lipstick, lip gloss, fragrances, and body lotion. What a great variety! This would make shopping a lot easier. 

This is the first product that I got to try from Cosmetique. This is the Duo Colored Bronzer made by Madeleine Mono. This helps you create that beautiful tan without the sun. In this compact you get two great bronzers. This is a great product where you can only use one bronzer or mix both of them together. This product also comes with a brush that has it own compartment underneath. Ladies you will love this bronzer I enjoyed trying it on. I actually like mixing both of them together and it looks great on the skin. Also the bronzer blends very well which I love. It is easy to apply and you do not have to use a lot. Ladies you really want to hint to your husbands this year for this bronzer. Or just check it out and get your self a treat. 

The next product that I got to try was the Viva Diva Lip Color Collection made by Madeleine Mono. This product contains nine lip glosses in one compact. Which I love the variety that this compact holds. These are high-shine, lip enhancing, creamy and long lasting. This product I absouletly love and I love all the different colors that the compact has. When I went out shopping today i I tried the the purple color on the right corner. When I applied it today it was simple and smooth. I did not need to put a whole lot on. I applied a little bit and the color showed up nicely. It went on smoothed no clumpy at all. When I was at the store my lips felt more soft which I loved that feeling. This is a great product that does not feel greasy at all. Ladies you need to get this product for the holidays or this would make a great product to give away for the holidays. 

 The next product I got to try is the Viva Diva Duo Lipliner. This is also made my Madeleine Mono and it a great lipliner. This has a warm and cool shade this color can almost match any lip-color. I will be honest I am not to fond with lip-liners I just usually do not care for them and get frustrated with them. Although when I tried the lip-liner today it went on like you would not believe and it blended very nicely. I did not have to fight with it which I was amazed. I really like this product and it will probably be one of they only lip-liners I will use and it goes well with just about any lipstick their is.

The last product that I got to try is the Red Nail Polish which I absolutely love. Also the collection of Madeleine Mono. This Nail Enamel is a bright red color and is chip resistant.I hate when nail polishes clump up when you put them on. This is not the case here it went on very smoothly. I did test to see how fast it dried and it was set in about 30 seconds and did not smear. That was amazing!! Also after it dried I kept trying to pick at it and it would not chip. This would be great for holiday parties. It is a beautiful red color and it has a tint of sparkle in it.  If you like the products you seen above make sure to check out the other collections. These are great products and at a very affordable price. 

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