Monday, November 12, 2012

Com-Mu-NI-CA-TION Game

Background on Com-Mu-Ni-CA-TION game. The creator of this game is Gary Burn. He served in the United States Air Force. Gary burn was realizing he was away from his daughter more that he would like and he was missing important bonding moments while he was away. He decided each month he was going to take his daughter out to lunch. The lunch's where awkward so he came up with a game. The game was call Com-mu-ni-ca-tion. Where he had 14 slips of paper and on them he had unique statements were written. They went through the slips and answered them. Then ten years later he did that with his other daughter. While they where out a waitress was very curious about what they where doing. He explained and the waitress said she wished her dad would of done that and she said he should make a game of it. When I saw this game it looked interesting to me. A great game with a father and daughter. My dad and I grew apart over the years and now we live together again. I was trying to find better way to communicate with him again. When I got the opportunity to review this game I was very excited. My dad and I went out to dinner to Applebee's and we took a packet of cards with us and put them face down. We then we pulled the straw to see who went first. Throughout the dinner we proceed to go through the cards and questions. This game I will recommend to any father and daughter. Mothers this would be a great gift for your husband or your daughter and I recommend it. It brought my dad and I closer. I did not think that was even possible. When my daughter gets older I will pass this onto her. I think this is a great communication piece. I know sometimes it is hard to communicate with our children and this would be a great way to communicate with our children and make that bond even closer. This is a fun easy game that means a lot and has a lot of meaning behind it. If it can work with my dad and I. It can work for you.

 If you are interested in this wonderful game please check it out here

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