Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Buffalo Games

I got to try two games from Buffalo Games. The first game that I got to review is Last Word. Last Word has sold over 1,000,000 copies of this game. This game is for children over 14 to adult. Last word is where you race other to have the final say. When you play you play in rounds. During each round you blurt out words that are associated to that round. You race against a time and the other players. You never know when the timer will go off so it makes it that much more fun. This game includes 230 subject, 56 letter cards, 8 pawns,game board and a random timer. This game is great for the holidays. It would be a great family game to play after thanksgiving dinner, on Christmas, and New Years! I played this on family game night with my family and it was so much fun. You can only imagine new words that came out and everyone trying to race and get the last word sometimes I caught myself just cracking up.  I am very excited that I can bring this to family gatherings this year because this will be the hit. One thing that drove me nuts was the timer because I always wanted to know when it would go off and when it did it always scared me. So I am going to get the last word and tell you to go buy this for the holidays! It will bring laughter and fun!!

The second game that i got to review is Truth Be Told. This was a great and fun game. How you play this game is where one person reads a card out loud. Than one person writes a truthful answer. Then the other players write a buff answer trying to pretend to be the main person who wrote the truthful answer. Then the person who wrote the truthful answer reads all the answers out loud to everyone. Than the other players choose an answer that they thought the player that wrote the original answer wrote. Then the person who wrote the truthful answer shares with others what is true. Then the points are awarded to the players. In this game there are 564 Truth Be Told questions, 8 markers, 8 fill in the blank cards, 8 paddles, 1 scoreboard. This is such a fun game. I really like to see the reactions of everyone who is playing. I try to watch expressions to get the clues if someone answer is being read. I try to study their faces. I love to hear the bluff answers. If you want to have a great time you need to invest in this game. It will bring friends and family together for such a wonderful night.

 I have not played game in a long time. But after playing these games I defitinaly go to start having a family game night. These will be a hit when I go to family gathering this year. These are very reasonable and Buffalo games have a variety of family games. Stock up for the family gatherings and these also make great family presents. 

You can visit there website here  Buffalo Games

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