Friday, November 30, 2012

Bows 'N Ties

 Are you looking for a classy present for someone special. I know that each year I try to find my dad special present each year that he will actually use. Well this year I was interested to find a great tie for him for Christmas. He is actually starting a new job soon and I wanted to find something special for him. I found a great site that have very nice Bows 'N Ties. They have special ties for all different occasions. Bows 'N Ties are an online retailer that specializes in sales of bow-ties and neck ties and other man accessories.

Bows 'N Ties sent me one of their neck ties to review. I chose a maroon tie that has dots on the tie. When the packaged arrived it came well packaged. I noticed it was in a nice box and the presentation was nice. It had tissue paper around the tie which was nice. The tie was protected and it was in a protective bag so it did not get damaged. I was going to save this tie for Christmas but my dad found it and he was very excited about the tie. He said he was impressed with the quality of tie. Usually things like this do not impress him much so this mean a lot. They tie was great quality and looked great. I looked over the tie and my dad mentioned me that one time he bought a tie and there was threads coming out of the tie. This tie had absouletly no thread coming out of the tie what so ever.  

I would recommend if you are looking for a nice quality tie for a loved one I would seriously recommend checking into Bows 'N Ties. Why go to a department store and pay an arm in a leg when you can buy one in the convenience of your own home? Also they are very reasonable in price and great quality for the price. If you want to check their site out you can visit them at

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