Thursday, November 29, 2012

Binky Spritz

I have a great product that I was able to review and this would help a lot of mommies out there will small children or new expectant mothers. I know when my daughter drops her sippy cups on the floor i freak out and I always want to wash it but always able to. I found this great product call Binky Spritz is a much have to anyone who has baby's or small children. When something falls on the ground like pacifiers and sippy cups and what ever else you can think of I grab Bink Spritz and it sanitizes it so i do not have to worry about my daughter and germs.  

I know moms what your thinking is Bink Spritz safe? Yes it is made to be safe to swallow and it also made from natural ingredients and alcohol free so no worries. Plus this is non toxic and there is absolutely no sugar added which is fantastic. This flavor of the Bink Spritz is a citrus flavor and it taste ok and how do I know you ask? I have tried it. 

This would also be great and small enough to keep a bottle in your purse for emergency's. If your going to a store or out to eat and your child drops it out on the floor guess what you have the Bink Spritz handy. This is a must have and helps keep your child healthy. This would make a great stocking stuffer for the holidays. You can not go wrong and this is cute and creative gift!!

You can find this amazing product at

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