Friday, November 30, 2012

Baby Ankees

I  love coming across new site with items that I would never think of. I came across a site called Innovative Mommas and they have a product called Baby Ankees. I know this product would be very helpful to a lot of mothers out there and it one of those products that you think why did I not think of that. 
What is Baby Ankees you ask? They are little bands that go around the bottom of your child's sleeper. This helps keep your baby's feet stay in the feet part and not slide everywhere. For example have you noticed when your child crawls that it is difficult due to the sleeper this helps them so they can move easier. 
Emily really liked these and we also found other ways to use these and just not what they are supposed to be used for. When my daughter wears a sleeper at times she does have trouble walking in them because they get all bunched up. I tried these Baby Ankees and they seemed to fit just right and helped prevent them from moving. Which was a great thing for us. Also my daughter has pants that are a little long sometimes at she trips over them these are great to put around the pants and it helps prevent them from sliding down to the point where she could trip. She really enjoys these a lot.
Then I received a second pair and my friend used it for her son and they worked wonders. She has a smaller guy that is crawling and it works wonders he is on the move with help of Baby Ankee's. These work wonders and there very cute. 
This would be a great stocking stuff for you little one this Christmas. They come in 7 different colors and 4 different sizes. If you want to find more information and visit their site

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