Sunday, November 4, 2012

Auntie Annies Pretzels

Today was a fun morning with the kids and making cinnamon apple pretzels. Thank you for Auntie Annie's for letting us review one of their new holiday kits. There are two new holiday kits available Apple Cinnamon or Gingerbread. I chose the Apple Cinnamon one to review. I would recommend visiting there site before you start and watch their video how to make the pretzels. Never making them before and the direction confused me just a little bit on how you twist the pretzels. They have a video with different ideas on how to make the pretzel and other things you can make the kit with. Our pretzels up above are not the best looking pretzels although my four year old son made them. He had a great time trying to get it to look like a pretzel. We made 6 pretzels and there is only 1 left now. So that should give you an idea on how good they are. Here is a over view on how you make the pretzels. You start off by mixing the yeast packet that is included in the kit in the bowel with water. You will find exact measurements when you buy the kit in the instructions. Then you let it sit for a few minutes. Then you mix cinnamon oats and the dough in the mixture of dry yeast and water. After mixing and it becomes a ball. I put it on my oven for it to rise for half hour. Then I cut them in the strip and rolled them out and let just make the designs. Then we dunked the pretzel in water that was mixed with baking soda. Then We cooked them. After they where cooked we brushed on butter than sprinkled cinnamon sugar. Then they vanished. I would recommend this product for a fun holiday baking project with your kids. It is fun and you can use these kits in many different ways. You can even make shapes with your kids with the dough. I would not recommend this kit for people who are not patient and do not want to spend an hour on this project. It does take time and patience if you don't have that skip this project. I enjoyed making this with my son and I would do it again. I would probably buy the regular kit and try to make pretzel dogs or a pizza. If you are interested in these kits you can find them at or facebook O by the way I am not done!! We are also giving one of these kits to a lucky reader!! a Rafflecopter giveaway


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