Monday, November 26, 2012

Ashers Chocolate

This year I have been looking for the perfect holiday gift for my mom. My mother loves chocolate so I have been looking for company's that sell chocolate. This is when I came across Asher's Chocolate. I am very lucky that I have gotten the opportunity to try a box of their chocolates. I got to try their Milk and Dark chocolate box assortment. I also got a surprise and received a Milk Chocolate Chips. When I first received the Milk and Dark Chocolate Box I will say it was packaged very well. I noticed that it was a little warmer this week and they packaged the chocolates in a Styrofoam cooler with a ice pack to keep them from melting. When my children saw the box they where super excited and kept asking me to try them. I told them to wait for just a minute because I had to get the camera and take a picture. When I came back I found two pieces missing from the box. Lets say I now have to hide the box or they will be gone. When I sampled the chocolates my first one was milk chocolate and raspberry that was my favorite one. They are all really good and to die for. I love chocolate and I would absolutely rate this company customer service and chocolate top notch and my favorite. I also was lucky to try the Milk Chocolate Chips. When I first saw these I was not sure by them. When I first tasted them they where very delicious. I have now found my son and daughters favorite treat of all time. If you want to try something new and find a great Christmas present visit Asher's Chocolates. Also did I leave something out. There is something in this for you!! They agreed to let one lucky reader to sample a box of the Milk and Dark Chocolate Box.


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