Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Daddy to Be Gift DADDY SCRUBS

 Are you expecting a new bundle of joy in the future. I have a great gift for your new family. Do you know someone who is expecting and want to get them a unique gift that no one will think about. I found a great website that has a great expectant father gifts for new fathers. They  are called Daddy Scrubs. 

I was very lucky and I got to review these DADDY Scrubs. I am going to use these Daddy Scrubs as a shower gift to my best friend. These would make great daddy expect gifts. I know we would like to include dad more into the process of having a child. Sometimes it is hard. When I saw the DADDY scrubs I thought it was a great way to involve the father even more in the process. DADDY scrubs come in all different sizes and colors. So their is a variety to chose from. I would say this would be the perfect and most unique shower gift you can gift. Or ladies if you were expecting and you wanted a special way to tell your husband that you are expecting maybe you could use the scrubs and give them as a gift to let them know. These can be used in many different ways. I know when I give these DADDY Scrubs to my friend her and her husband will really like these and I can not wait to see him in them and pictures. This would also make a great Christmas present this year also special daddy expectant gifts. I would highly recommend these because they are not only cute and unique. They are great and comfortable and you can wear them anytime and anywhere. If you want to check these wonderful scrubs out please visit.

Here is a great video please check it out

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  1. i really need um the scrubs hope i can win those. icnt wait ta wear um .

  2. I need these as a gift for an amazing to be new dad

  3. This gift would make a expecting dad I know, very happy, he's someone that has a condition known as seizures. Therein, it would be something that he and he family wouldnt expect but I'll definitely put in your name with the present! It's not where he works but that of what he does away from the office that makes a difference. He helps provide tech support for elderly persons at no charge! Furthermore his kindness goes on with aiding those with things others take for granted. An example would be when he see's a homeless person; he'd give the coat off his back to that homeless person!

  4. I liked the edgy navy colored scrubs!


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