Monday, November 26, 2012

Amy Adele

Amy Adele offers a great selection of stationery, invitations and gifts using whimsical designs and they also have personalization options. They have high quality items and they would make great Christmas gifts. I really enjoyed their customer service they where nice and easy to work with and very prompt.
I was given the opportunity to select and item from Amy Adele store. Let me tell you there where to many choices to chose from and I wanted to try all of their items. Although I came across the the t shirt and came across a ballet shoes on it. Also they offered if I wanted to put a name on it so I put my daughter name on the shirt. 

I had to chose the items on the site and the navigation on the site was easy. I found everything that I needed to find. When I wanted to place my order for the shirt I wanted to review it was easy. By easy I mean I clicked on the picture and it showed me sizes that I could chose. I chose the size and put in the cart.

When the package arrived it was package with care. I was excited to see how it the shirt turned out. First of all the shirt was amazing. The size of the shirt was true to the size. The shirt was very soft to the touch. I was worried about the picture and the personalization on the shirt. First I am very amazed with the quality of the ballerina shoes. The colors where blended very well and produced a great picture on the shirt. I also liked how her name was written on the shirt very fine but elegant. I would score this about an A+ if i could. 

I am glad I found this site they are friendly and a great company. Their products are great quality and I would trust them with my holiday shopping this year. So make sure you check them out at.

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