Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Trash Dash

We all know that the holiday season is sneaking up on us very fast. I know at my house sometimes I have to worry about garbage odors. I know in my house sometimes trash goes out right away and sometimes it takes awhile to fill up the trash can. That my huge problem and sometimes the garbage have some disturbing odors to them. I was introduced to Trash Dash and was able to test the product and review it. Trash dash look like little crystals. You shake a little bit into your trash can and it will help eliminate the unwanted orders. This would help for the holiday for example sometimes when your cooking you may use your trash disposal and I know mine stinks afterwards and I very embarrassed so I try to avoid using it. Not anymore you can also sprinkle some trash dash in the disposal and it will keep it smelling fresh. Also I know a lot of you have small children that are in diapers still. I wish I had this available to me last year around the holidays because my daughter is still in diapers. My biggest issue was if anyone stepped in my daughters room it smelled due to a ripe diaper but did not have time to take it out. With Trash Dash this will solve that problem. Sprinkle some in the diaper pale and it will help over ride the diaper smelling. Great for the holidays while your hosting. I know I am going to be safe this year when I host Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. I am going to sprinkle Trash Dash in every trash can just in case. Also I am cooking and making sure I will have some to put in the trash compactor. What is Trash Dash made of? It is made of sodium bicarbonate-based product. This captures and helps eliminate the garbage orders that occur. What Trash Dash does is leave a great smell behind and not a nasty garbage smell. Also it helps not wasting bags. Now you can fill up the whole garbage bag. This is a new product but it is available right now for you to order so you also can be ready and safe for the holidays season. Trash Dash come in Citrus Burst or Lavender Vanilla. Trash Dash comes in 8 oz containers. If you would like to get your Trash Dash for the holidays please visit. You can buy Trash Dash on your mass retailers' garbage bag aisle shelves, or order online at www.trash-dash.com.I know I am ready for the holidays are you? Do no forget to enter below for your chance to win 2 Trash Dash of your own. a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. i need these the guys are horrible at trash smells

  2. I love these,love the way my garbage smells,I will be getting some more when mine run out.

  3. with 6 kids at home, this would be perfect for me as the smells can get pretty bad lol

  4. I wanna try & see if this stuff works in the litter box.The ingredients sound safe and I love the scents great review

  5. I'm ready to try these! I already use the febreze scented trashbags in my kitchen but this would be good for all the bins in the house. Thanks!

    Brenda W


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