Friday, August 31, 2012

Look fabulous this fall thanks to Old Navy!

I have not been to Old Navy in a long time. I was lucky and got to host a party for old navy from Crowdtappers. What is crowdtappers is where you answer questions and build points to earn rewards. Also there are discussion questions. The best part is there are parties you can host for different products. This was my first real party with Old navy. I did not know what to expect in the kit. When i got the kit there were free coupons. First i though they were good for one scarf or shirt or skirt. And we received several coupons!! When i read it more carefully it was one coupon for all three!! So I took my mom and went to the family. We arrive and they were very helpful. I showed them my coupon and they showed me what i could buy. They all were friendly and helpful. They had wonderful clothes. One thing I was disappointing is they did not have a lot of sizes there and they were already out of stock. but we tried items on and when we started taking pics they said it was ok but another group of customers did not like it and complained so we stopped:( but other wise the items were awesome. My favorite was the shirts!! I also loved the scarfs. Ok i loved the whole thing. It was so much fun because we had a great girls night and free clothes!! Thank you old navy. WE also loved your staff!!.

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